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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 15th May

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You are in a change of stage, with the closing of a door to open a new one. Today is a good day for forgiveness and reconciliation. To end the anguish, a bad feeling or resentment, Scorpio.

There will come an event that will allow you to detach from the insubstantial, the toxic and the hurtful, to focus your energy towards the positive. It will change your perception of your partner.

It isn't that that person wants to hurt you, it is simply someone different from you, with their own points of view. It's normal that sometimes they don't coincide with yours and they act in a way that is inconceivable to you...

If you're single, a person will come into your life to bring new opportunities. It will make you forget completely a love of the past and help you to see life with another prism. With greater enthusiasm and desire to do things.


The renovation cycle can also be seen at work. You will begin a new project with hope. Or you'll start a new job that to your surprise, is lighter than you expected.

It's normal, you usually involve yourself one hundred percent in everything you do. And with this attitude, it's inevitable to come to understand the beautiful side of things.

The services you offer, however humble, are necessary for others to have a better life, directly or indirectly.

You will also have good luck deepening your relationships with your co-workers or partners. They will be much more involved with your task, making things easier for you or reporting a tangible economic benefit.


Emotional restraint is a skill you are perfecting. The fact that you feel in a certain way doesn't mean that it's reality. Don't stain the energies of the other, transform your inner negativity, to distribute light.

It's useless to spend time with the people you love if you then start complaining that you no longer have time to do your things. Act accordingly. Learn to say no and you will earn that time you need for yourself

Manage the time of your life, or else you will become a "victim of destiny".