Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 25th April

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Be careful, an especially powerful vibration about Scorpio natives could cause you to have more arguments and disagreements than usual.

You can get to pronounce words that you will deeply regret, after all the storm.

This trend won't discriminate between family members, partners or acquaintances... Your language is very sharp and has things to say to everyone.

It's difficult to repair a broken glass and that it looks like it did before. In the same way, some words, once said, can't be withdrawn, however much you want to excuse yourself, Scorpio.

You will placate those cravings for "blood" if you spend time in solitude. It's the best way for you to be happy, Scorpio.



You're going to have a winning economic streak that will allow you to expand your business. Especially because you know how to detect in time what is the way to go and that is in your favor.

You love to take action, but don't neglect the mental issues. Those boring matters will be of utmost importance at the time of everything being perfect. The lack of meditation is expensive.

Otherwise, money matters should go well. If you are looking to expand economically, the stars encourage you to continue on this path. This means that you accept the extra work or a serious job application.

Luck will accompany you in games of chance and long-term investments. Use your free time to devote to all these activities focused on money.


Your health is good in general, Scorpio, but lately you have noticed that you may have lost the shine in your hair, or someone has called your attention to your tired look.

Maybe you should eat more fruit. These give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be radiant with vitality.

An energizing and very rich drink is cranberry juice. It has antioxidant properties and revitalizes like no other.