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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th June

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The natives of Scorpio have a very good memory. Too good. This is what makes it difficult for you to forgive others sometimes.

Today they will do something that will deeply disappoint you. This is what life is about, you can't help it. People make mistakes, and often don't know what they're really doing, because they're doing it unconsciously, Scorpio.

It sounds cliché but irremediably to forgive, you have to learn to forget. Or more than erase memories, you need to know to give them the place and the importance they deserve.

A philosopher has already said that it's a matter of wise to know how to get angry, but in its proper measure. Relativize. And above all, don't keep those bad feelings, which do you more harm than good...


Your colleagues are jealous of you... Don't let this make you go back! You are very close to getting that promotion. Are you going to be intimidated by the mediocre?

Bad feelings are like a gift, you decide whether you accept them or not. You can't condition your life based on what others say. Much less if it's because you have decided to do your job well. Turn a deaf ear.

Show yourself close and interested in helping whoever asks for it. Maybe this way they'll understand that what you do isn't because of evil. They decide to poison themselves creating bad thoughts and it's not your fault. Don't get infected.

Your mission is to make others improve together with you, not create new enemies, Scorpio. Show yourself as you are, but without hurting anyone.


In the gym you like to sweat. Doing exercise doesn't really fill you with joy, but you love being radiant. You take care of yourself and that is wonderful. Releasing toxins is what gives you that youthful appearance that others envy!

But to take a step further in maintaining your appearance, it is essential to innovate. A long time doing the same type of activity stagnates you.

Try outdoor exercises. The planets will grant you extra vigor for today. Don't miss this opportunity.