Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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Today will be like a dizzying fair attraction. Suddenly you feel immensely happy, and the next minute, very sad!

You are probably the victim of a process of emotional contagion. Today you will be especially sensitive to the influence of others. The waning moon gives you a special receptivity to people's emotions.

You will capture the energies of others like a sponge. That's why it's in your best interest to surround yourself with positive people, as much as possible.

Avoid friends who are not going through a spell of good luck, it would greatly affect your energy status. Today it's their turn to look after you.


Try putting your heart into everything you do, as much as you can. The results of your actions represent you, that is the greatest spiritual satisfaction you can get, whether you have a reward or not.

Naturally, the monetary recognition will come when you manifest your essence in the world. Conjugate your talent with pragmatic abilities. Learn how the world works to get the most out of it.

If you are an artist, the stars encourage you to follow the path you have marked and not to falter.

And even if you aren't, everybody's life is art. It's a canvas that you paint with the colors that motivate you. Are you going to allow everything to invade the brown of monotony? Use red for passion.

Are you going to be bitter at work just because you don't like it? Raise! Bring happiness to your environment or change your job.



A waning moon is ideal to get rid of everything that you're not interested in or that you don't like anymore. If you try to give up bad habits, now is the time to try it with all your strength. You will get good results.

If your problems are related to excessive consumption of food, thanks to this moon phase you will get a decrease because you will be accompanied by a feeling of satiety stronger than usual.

It's also the special lunar phase for meditation. Evaluate if everything you are sowing in your life is really good for you and for others.