Scorpio Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, April 16th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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In love, Scorpio, you should avoid getting too excited. And above all, so fast about that other person that you have in your head... Do you remember that almost magical way in which everything started? Uranus and its chaotic influence!

For that reason and in virtue of the destabilizing energy of this star, the emotional ups and downs won't take long to appear.

The relationship is more than likely not to come together, but you won't miss fun and excitement.

Take the experiences of this star, but without clinging too much to each other.

If you're single and you meet someone today, you've been warned, Scorpio: fun yes, although commitment, not much...


In the most troubled waters fish abound; this will also happen with your economy. Even if you think that you are going through a difficult situation, there is a hidden benefit that you don't how to appreciate.

The word "crisis" doesn't stop sounding in other people's mouths. In the middle of the tumult, keep that cold blood that characterizes you. Don't say everything you know and act efficiently.

For this you must use your time and energy to become the best, with creativity. Also, if you attend and participate in those events that you are interested in, you will have gained useful contacts that can help you.

There is a possibility that you will find a seductive job offer where others would tell you that there was nothing for you. Investigate the idea, whether you have a job or you don't. It will be important, in one way or another.



If you're trying to leave bad habits, leave them at once. Uranus favors these sudden decisions. In addition, you will have the necessary strength. Don't let it go, these spells are blessings that the stars keep for you.

Awaken the willpower that you have inside. Throw that last cigarette, give away the food you bought for gluttony... Today may be the first day of the great change that you needed. You can do it.