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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for This Coming Saturday, May 26th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Saturday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It's normal to have some misunderstandings with your partner, but what isn't healthy is to keep the anger for more than a day, Scorpio.

If the two of you persist in your uncommunicative behavior, this will dig a chasm between you two. Until reaching the point that any attempt to reach out to the other will be useless.

Plan well if that is what you want, Scorpio. Contextualize and relativize, it's the best way of not exaggerating what doesn't really matter.

On the other hand, you have to solve the family matters that are in the air. You may not have been talking to a certain family member for years. It's in your hand to shorten that distance today, you're both suffering unnecessarily!


In your eagerness to accumulate profits, perhaps you are forgetting to invest in yourself, Scorpio. The appearance you give at work may not be fundamental, but it does show some degree of personal competence.

If you are a woman, there are some scientific studies that indicate that those who paint their lips are judged to be more powerful.

This society moves by these standards, and it isn't wrong to act according to "the rules of the game" to get the maximum benefit, Scorpio.

If you are looking for a job, this advice is especially useful. You'll be hired in positions related to physical well-being and good looks.


You will have some symptoms of cold and flu. This is a problem, especially since you can't afford to be late or absent from work at this time...

To accelerate the cure, eating oranges is a good option. They are rich in vitamin C, essential to increase the defenses of your body.

Also, the vaporization will help to uncover your blocked nose, as well as help you eliminate excess mucus.