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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for This Coming Sunday, May 6th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Sunday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You're annoyed, Scorpio, your partner does not stop harping on about your past again and again... In an attempt to increase the intimacy of the couple, you confessed your darkest secrets. And now they reproach you.

It's time for you to stop them. That person has no right to be your judge. In fact, they should appreciate the fact that you opened up as much as you haven't done with anyone for a long time... Let them know all these thoughts.

Once you explain your reasons and with a calm tone, they will understand the enormous effort you have just made. They will even be encouraged to tell you about their past. Don't fall into the same mistake of thinking you're in a position to criticize their experiences.

After all, if we want to be with someone without a past, we'll end up alone! Scorpios without a partner: you will connect naturally with someone who will rebel a lot of them from the first date.


If in love you look to the past, now it's the time to look to the future, as far as your professional career is concerned. A peace and harmony difficult to achieve is finally established as a climate where you work.

You have favorable conditions for the expansion that you were needing. You suggest that they give you more responsibilities and your boss will listen to you. You're a highly capable person, Scorpio. Although this is something that you don't need to be reminded of by anyone...

What is certain is that at the end of the month you will receive more money than usual. Throughout the month you will have the positive influence of Jupiter on your sign.


The task for today will be to calm yourself down. Scorpio, how long have you been dragging that restlessness? Don't you deserve a break?

Work, problems with your partner and friends... It's time for switching off from everything and everyone.

It's your way of re-meeting with your inexhaustible energy. Start by turning off the phone. Take a little trip if you can afford it!