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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 23rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You will live this day with magic and intensity. Your partner will tell you how much they love you, and apart from the exchange of romantic words, a lot of unexpected sex! The one that you take a few days to get out of your head... With passion and much lust.

In your partner you will see many qualities that you fell in love with, but their most negative part will also surface. Passional energies aren't easy to control... Don't get involved if they are arrogant with you.

Scorpios without a partner will meet a person with the sign of fire, probably a Leo. You will learn to be more spontaneous and above all to give more affection but without suffocating with all your emotion.


Open your hand and take what is yours, Scorpio. You have all the tools to succeed and you will. Leave behind those who insist on blocking you on the road to your dreams.

Bravery keeps you alive. Get out there and face the challenges with intensity. Don't do things for risk to go wrong, it's dying before time. In this sense, you will risk converting a pastime into your main source of income.

With your ambition at the top, you will be more aware than the rest of the signs of that hidden power that nests in you. But sometimes you need to be reminded. Take out all your claws and force the world to kneel before your desires!


When you go to a routine exam, you will discover that you aren't as well as you imagined. Take your health more seriously... Years don't go by in vain. Abuses weigh.

In view of the panorama, you will have to do your bit. Once you have the results, be interested in the measures recommended by the doctor, Scorpio. It doesn't matter that you feel good; do it for your future self!

On the other hand, the astral tendency indicates that the Scorpio need to drink larger quantities of liquids and rest more. Those two factors are what keep you with low energy.