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Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast for Monday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 25th June
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A gray day for the natives of the scorpion sign. You bet strong for a person and everything turned out to be smoke. It usually happens that the higher you climb, the greater the fall...

Love always implies a risk and you gave it all without reservation. You loved with all your heart and that never hurts. Don't feel bad, you have done everything you could.

If that person didn't know how to live up to it, it's not your fault. Not everyone is ready for mature love. The one that goes beyond the hormones and the physical attraction of the moment. The one that is maintained over time.

The Scorpios feel too much; that is why you will live with intensity this break-up moment. But that's how you close the stages, and well closed.

Unleash all that pain instead of denying it, as the other signs of the zodiac do. Where others drag emotional corpses, you bury them and turn the page, Scorpio.


You will be creative when managing money. You will try new methods of saving, you request new services to the bank...

It's a day where shopping is facilitated. There won't be a better time to renew your wardrobe. You will feel that you love everything!

In this sense, you will finally find that decorative element that you were looking for your house. Spend the money with pleasure because it will cause you much aesthetic pleasure and bring joy to your home.

If you are traveling, be very careful with the change of currency. They will try that you get much less when you change the money. Don't trust the first place you enter; the best thing is that you report in the area who gives the best change.


Look after your heart, you get saturated with strong emotions. With a temperamental personality, it's proven that they increase the chances of suffering a heart attack. Especially if you are beyond a certain age...

The control of the diet will be key. Cholesterol is that silent killer that is making your heart sick. It hardens the capillary walls.

If we add to that stress, which also decreases the elasticity of blood vessels, we already have all the ingredients for a mishap to occur. Look after yourself…

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