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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Sunday 1st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Sunday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Your partner has a depressive tendency and some possibility of having problems with some vice. They might be hiding it from you. This isn't bad until it affects you. 

If you really care about them, you should show them your support and understanding. They somehow feel judged by you. You don't allow them to be honest with you with this attitude. 

People get together for some reason. You might be the person who helps them come out of that hole. 

However, another way in which you could help them will be encouraging them to look for professional help.

Be careful with the people you're going to meet today. People with a very marked Pluto in their native card. What does this mean? That they'll be people with a very developed dark side...


You have a multitude of skills and passions and you suffer for all those things that you aren't doing. It's extremely difficult for you to choose a path to focus your profession.

You will be in this situation whether you've just finished your studies or you are a full-fledged professional. You always go through times of crisis and radical change, Scorpio. That is your Plutonian energy.

It's important that you think about, as honestly as possible, what you want from life. It's not useful to think about the question for 5 minutes. Keep distractions away from you until you get the answer.

Do you feel anxious about everything that you would have to give up, to focus on one thing? You can always take care of other hobbies and interests in your free time!



Take a break. Your working life may not be flourishing. Personal complications accumulate... The least you have to do now is abandon your body.

Create your positive moods. The recommendations are simple. Do something that in the past used to fill you with joy. Take a walk around your favorite place, eat an ice cream, meet an old friend for coffee...

This is true preventive health: to be happy with what life gives us.