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You who always liked to be free and go your own way, you will find yourself in a compromised situation in which you will be required to make a greater commitment.

You feel comfortable with that person, but do you feel as good as to become a couple? On previous occasions the thing didn't end too well...

Give yourself a chance, because you are missing a previously unknown happiness.

That person will change you to a deep level, and without realizing it they will help you to be a better person. Love attracts more love.

But it's permissible for you to keep thinking about it before taking the step. Everyone has the right to decide. Accept when you are ready. Don't take long because the train could go by!


You threw yourself into the pool, without knowing, you have made the right decision. You trusted your instincts. It's not really a reasonable behaviour.

The beginnings are difficult. It will be a job where you can develop aspects of your mind, although at first it doesn't look like it.

One advise to be less afraid of change is not to worry so much about not knowing how to do it well. You're new, they expect you to be wrong! With being an observer and asking everything that generates doubts, you will be able to adapt superbly.


Certain anxiety will have you in a state of constant restlessness. Not being able to sleep because of this won't improve your condition.

Throwing balls out can relieve you for a while, but it has a very serious problem: it weakens you, by becoming a victim.

The past, is the past, and from there, identify what you can do to change your situation.

Treating your body is a way to transform your mind. Drink an infusion, massage your feet or plan a spa session to disconnect. You will recover the clarity of thought. You don't have to solve everything now.