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You are afraid of losing control, but their way of doing things makes you feel confident. The person you have chosen as a life partner couldn't be better. It's that mixture of pragmatism and passion for life that makes you fall in love!

Think well about those small communication failures that still have to be polished, and encourage yourself to address the issue. Because it's when you're in harmony that you can talk quietly about the unpleasant facts of the relationship.

In general, it will be a day when you will feel closer to the people you love. These people will also feel loved by you. It's a day of love and encounters. You will attract passionate people. Single Scorpio, attentive!



A day in which you will discover that in life, in the end, everything is uncertain! Certain unexpected events will make you rethink how safe your economy is.

At a mental level, you will experience a change of perspective. You plan to take more part in what happens to you, instead of letting yourself be carried away by fear. It's better to take risks, from what we have seen. You have more chances to win.

Losses related to an unfortunate investment will be easily recoverable. The stars bless your courage. When you keep moving, life shows you its kindest side, even if setbacks are inevitable.


What may work with a person may not be the best thing for you. Those sessions of long-lasting sauna, hypocaloric diets based on cucumber, spend hours and hours in the gym... Stress the body.

People commit the greatest follies in terms of health. It isn't a matter of following the fashions with no reason. Learn about them before introducing health routines to your life!

Scorpios have to take special measures regarding taking salt these days. Fluid retention can be your biggest problem, be careful.