Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You will know the authentic fortune in love, congratulations. Jupiter and Venus converge harmonically in the Scorpio natives.

How exactly will this be reflected? Difficult conquests, or those people who seem much more attractive than you, will fall at your feet. It will be a matter of your charisma and because your personal magnetism will be enhanced. As if you were reaching out to others through a huge speaker!

Be careful, because this will awaken many envies. If you have a serious relationship, you will also raise passions, but soon there will be people willing to tell your partner, even if it's something innocent, watch out.


The good energy of the beneficial planets will also be noticed in the affairs of money. Your intuition will be more developed than ever. Whether at work or at the time of making important decisions, you will be fully successful, Scorpio.

It's highly recommended that you follow your heartbeat. In addition, good surprises, however small, will accompany you throughout the day.

You will get some money that you didn't expect, either in the street, in your house or in a pocket. It's also very likely that you receive a small inheritance or a refund of money.

If you're unemployed, in some way you have achieved a balance that allows you to pay your support, thanks to your savings or some type of pension. But if you're looking for a job, it's a very good day to find one, Scorpio.


Red, as chromotherapy, will fill you with energy and you can carry out any activity, however tired it may seem to others.

Carry a garnet stone with you to further enhance these energetic vibrations. Scorpios themselves have an unstoppable vitality... But today you'll be on fire!