Scorpio Magic Horoscope for 27th April

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You get lost in thoughts about what could have been with that person from your past...

You wonder if you really already know the love of your life. Was it him or her? And if so, would it be possible to retrace what was already walked...?

And if you wonder if they will also be thinking about you; indeed, they have you in their mind! Those strong feelings that you have, are no nonsense.

People who were once together, sharing so many moments and experiences, will maintain a lifelong bond.

It doesn't matter that the thing has not ended well, or how much this society refuses this truth, Scorpio. People aren't disposable objects, as if they were products.

Anyway, if you don't call them, they'll call you! Not necessarily to resume the relationship, but to some extent, you'll be glad that synchronicities play in your favor...

It seems that the stars indicate that it's a predestined love. But you know, Scorpio; only you will have the last word.


You aren't in your best economic moment right now, Scorpio. But you don't worry about it too much! How can this be?

The critical periods destroy the lesser souls, because they represent a difficult challenge to overcome, but you, who are among those who assume the problems, will prevail and you will give testimony of what you are made of!

You grow up in the face of adversity, and even though you have these losses of money and economic recesses happen to you, you will always know how to recover yourself, Scorpio. How do you do it?

Many people in your environment admire this skill of yours. It continues to be an inspiration for others, facing problems with that calm attitude that characterizes you. Soon the tables will change.


If you usually drink alcohol, or develop some kind of bad habit, you should make an effort to control those impulses. Pluto is influencing you negatively.

This means that any intense action can end in serious damage to your person.

Allow your partner or a close person to take care of you. You won't be in the mood to do those health tasks on your own. They will be your main support at this time.

In addition, accidents can end in large hemorrhages, so be careful with everything you do, Scorpio.