Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for Friday August 17th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Friday
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You can be immersed in an intense relationship, of those that you'll never forget, but of short duration. Live without expectations, just enjoying the present. It will be very rich in experiences and emotions and everything adds up to the end of the path of our emotional well-being.

Put aside the idealism that tells you that if it's true love, it should last forever. Life is instants, and the earlier you assimilate this, you will enjoy more unforgettable moments.

You won't waste your time thinking that it would be a shame to end it. Just live what life has to offer you.


Despite having many opportunities, there is a blockage in your mind that prevents you from taking advantage of the situation. In your life a feminine force may be influencing and it's obstructing you towards the path of success.

The stars advise you to free yourself from the burdens that don't belong to you. Each one must live their own life, according to their criteria.

If it's a boss who insists on bothering you for no reason, consider the option of changing your job. That person lives deeply irritated and won't let you work in peace. Your own personal problems affect your professionalism.

Do you want to free yourself from these restrictive energies? Bury a picture of yourself with a seed and watch the flower that you have planted grow with the passing of the days. At a deep level, it will allow you to expand.


One of the problems you have to deal with is sedentary lifestyle. It's great that you take care of what you eat, but it's not enough if you really want to live a healthy life, Scorpio.

If sport is beneficial in itself, it's especially beneficial for Scorpios! Apart from keeping your body young and agile, you will release large amounts of aggressiveness that would otherwise lead you to plant a fist in the face of your boss...