Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for May

Your Horoscope for May 2018
May Horoscope | 1


Love: A month of emotional purge

The month begins very cheeky. Scorpios will experience break-ups and a general disenchantment with the people they care about. However, as the blows come, you will quickly know how to handle them. Venus will be on your side.

In the middle of the month, little by little, you will go away from your reference figures. You will learn that being so close to others makes you get away from yourself and your center. You are the only person who will always be there for you...

In this way, you will expel from your life those toxic people who try to manipulate you and you will keep exclusively those who are worthwhile.

The domain that you will possess over your affections, will increase by 500%! A whole cycle of transformations will take place throughout May, Scorpio...

Money: Professional improvements and new projects

You will start May, with a lot of interest in your job. Your attention is focused on your career and on the small gestures that can make you evolve as a professional.

You will improve the management of relationships with others within your work environment, even though it requires a real sacrifice... You prefer to work on your own.

As the month progresses, you'll start new projects. The bad thing is that they will probably get stuck on the way. You don't know if it will give good fruits. It isn't time to lose faith, try to counteract your mental negativity.

If you are unemployed, there's good news for you: at the end of the month, you will have the opportunity to start a radical change. You won't feel much encouragement to go to job interviews. Try it, you will find a job you like!

Health: Worry but don't get obsessed!

Luckily, it will be a month in which you will acquire greater self-awareness. You will worry about issues related to health like never before.

Everything has its negative side: you will reach the point of getting obsessed. It can be with the diet or exercise, at best.

Another still less pleasant scenario is that you become obsessed with food supplements. They're not good for your liver, Scorpio, watch this.

On the other hand, your mind will be very focused. It will be easy for you to "separate the grain from the chaff". You will quickly discard thoughts that disturb you emotionally. You will perfect your emotional containment, that's great!