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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 5th March

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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Scorpio, you have reached an introspective day. This doesn't necessarily mean being in a crisis in your relationship or refusing to meet new people, if you're single.

This self-absorption can be very positive, it's useful to take old things out of the closet, remove traumas from the past and be free to put everything in favor of love.

On the contrary, introspection is negative when it has to do with denying yourself opportunities due to fear, so you're not emotionally harmed.

Being this taciturn could be complicating things, it's only Monday and you have the whole day ahead... Take at least half an hour to relax meeting a friend for a coffee.


The beginning of the week you'll have the opportunity to learn something new. It's likely that you'll get involved with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication in an unknown task so far, or that you'll be offered the possibility of incorporating new skills and knowledge.

The downside of all this is that you'll concentrate so much on learning and refining the subject that you'll neglect the rest of the things in your life.

The search for perfection, on the other hand, always complicates things by keeping expectations high.

If you are looking for a job, the stars seem to indicate that you are going to find one. But beware, it will be for a position that will test your skills and it'll be very demanding.


You may need to take action in order to improve your health condition. Improving and perfecting yourself leads to great stress. Even so, you should make the effort, because even though you haven't realized it, your body has been accumulating nervous tension.

Try to relax and have fun. You should take away some tension and spend some time in a little recreation.

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