Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You will live a state of peace and unusual inner calm that you will know how to transmit to your partner. Especially if this is at a bad time in your life.

Love consists in supporting each other. Although maybe you tend to more the leader than the other part. That doesn't bother you, after all. You are the strongest member of the relationship.

You can still relax much more while sharing a moment of quiet intimacy. Watching a movie on the sofa holding each other, taking a walk together... You will breathe romance.


At work, things will go a little slower due to the absence of a worker. You will have to divide your work, how annoying! But you are a team and sometimes this type of mishaps occur...

If you are wondering about the salary increase you so desire, it's convenient that you expect the best and that things come to you. Your good work deserves an incentive, of course.

However, don't be overconfident. Waiting for the financial miracle is certainly something that won't happen. It's preferable to have reasonable expectations. A small increase is foreseen... Be patient, Scorpio.



You have to tell someone what's the matter with you. Open yourself to the world. Go to a professional, if necessary. They will provide you with the tools so you can heal yourself.

You can even investigate your problem on your own and become an expert. Sometimes every cloud has a silver lining.

Talk to that friend who is usually your therapist. Don't be ashamed to need their help. We all help and we need to be helped at some point.

If your problem is related to impulse control, avoid nocturnal environments as much as possible. In the past, you suffered a mental exhaustion for devoting so much energy to this territory where toxic people and psychic vampires abound.