Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Sunday

Find out Your Scorpio Horoscope for Today, 8th April
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It's normal to have moments in which you're sad, you usually get sad especially on Sundays. This in itself is nothing wrong, take the opportunity to lean on your partner.

The other person will feel valued, because they are necessary in your life, for your emotional well-being and not only for what you usually do in bed.

And don't worry, because as it comes, it goes away. A powerful Scorpio will always understand their emotional states and won't try to change them. They just live them.

If you are single, you can also count on your friends. You can even count on people that you couldn't qualify as "friends" but will be willing to share the time with you.




A transit of Pluto through your house VIII hints that you will have the right energy and disposition to face any project related to your sign.

The ideal careers for this sign are those that imply a discovery, a revelation, an extraction of the occult. They are usually good engineers in oil, archaeologists, ophthalmologist or parapsychologists.

Other more alternative jobs would be those related to esoteric mysteries. Maybe you should start your training in astrology or tarot!

The latter is a career for which any human being is apt. You simply have to awaken your skills, with patience and wisdom. It's a business that you can complement with whatever you are engaged in right now.


You feel depressed and it's likely that a disease that you suffer from a long time ago is contributing to it.

Your situation could get complicated because you aren't following the doctor's instructions. Or even worse, maybe they are the wrong ones. Ask for second opinions.

To avoid major complications, extreme healthy habits: for example, get enough sleep and do some exercise, within your means.