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Are you intending to get back together with your ex? Then you must change strategy. It seems that what you're doing isn't giving the expected results.

It's useless to overwhelm the other person day and night, telling them how much we want them to come back. And don't spy on their social networks. Of course, don't harass them with a barrage of messages.

Instead, what if you gather your courage and ask to meet with them? Something relaxed in a public place, like going for a coffee.

During this "date", you should try to have fun with yourself and avoid focusing on the negative and the reasons for the break-up. Conquer their heart again with attitude!

You have the advantage that you already have a journey together. Something that a possible candidate lacks. Focus on this, on reviewing the good times.

Surely, they will want to live new and better experiences with you, Scorpio.


Desperation isn't a good strategy. You've been looking for a job for a long time and it seems that nothing comes to you. Maybe you're looking in the wrong place...

Sound out your contacts, one of them will find out about a juicy opportunity. You'll be surprised how much useful information others keep...

Do the debtors claim you and you don't know what to do? No matter how much your ego gets annoyed, you need to ask for a loan from friends or family. Commit yourself to return the money. You settle the debt and return that money as soon as possible.

You have immobile money in your house. Where? It's in what you no longer use and another person might be wanting. Sell what you no don't need anymore! The Internet is a great showcase, and a very effective one, Scorpio.


That lack of energy is because you aren't doing physical exercise. As inexplicable as it sounds, energy calls energy. It's the tendency of the organism that the more you ask for, the more it gives you.

Don't worry if your sexual appetite has decreased, because physical activity also remedies this. It increases the production of testosterone, which is what causes sexual desire, in both men and women!

In the case of more serious problems such as vaginal dryness or erection problems, go to the doctor for a solution. Because they have it! Don't be overwhelmed, Scorpio.