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Someone who is ambivalent, now yes, now no... will be around you. They follow the rule of "today I show interest in you but tomorrow I don't answer you all day", they're going to drive you crazy, Scorpio!

Whatever motivates this behavior, it isn't good at all. If it's childish or if they think that you will fall at their feet, it's better to look for someone transparent. This kind of people give more problems than joys, as a general norm.

The worst thing you can do is fall into their game. Choose someone better who wants to bet everything for you. Still at the risk of knowing that they can easily lose you. Because you're someone valuable and worthwhile...

In all the apology that society makes about love, nobody talks about all the toads that you have to kiss until you find a real man or woman! Patience.


On monetary issues, your situation won't improve, for the moment. To this is added a stagnation in your professional career. There isn't much work, in case you are freelance...

To promote an improvement, it's important that you never lose hope. It's a test of the stars to see if you really are made of good sort.

If you know how to look closely, you will discover an opportunity to take the reins. This means being able to change jobs, find new possibilities in another country or start your own business. Everything from a positive vision is possible!

You're at a point where the different alternatives could be a better solution than the overload of monotony. And all are viable, you can count on external help.


Hands as cold as ice, even in the middle of the most scorching heat, are a peculiar characteristic of the natives of Scorpio. For this reason, you will have nothing to fear.

Today you will become aware, perhaps because someone can point it out to you: You're so cold! Take no notice, you're not going to turn into an ice cube or anything like that.

This is related to poor circulation. You can change your diet to improve it or do specific exercises for the hands. So you will reverse this trend, although your hands will still be colder than average.