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Read Your Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 7th July

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If you have a partner or not, you can't avoid seeing everything with your x-ray vision. You have been holding too much time inside you what you really think...

You usually reproach your strong statements, but you think that ultimately, you also have the right to express yourself. Otherwise, you keep it in and you end up poisoning yourself.

Choose the words and you won't have to fear to stay alone. Thus, people endure a very small amount of truth. It will be better to facilitate things if you present them among cottons, Scorpio.

Those people who bring out the worst in you, precisely puts you in extreme situations to cultivate your patience and your loving language.

There is already too much discomfort in the world for you to contribute to it. Think of this every time you feel like destroying everything with your most hurtful words!


You will be offered a job opportunity by the hand of an acquaintance. It seems that it is just what you were waiting for, a breath of fresh air.

But be careful with appearances, because what will start as a wonderful job, soon will become very uphill, mainly by your boss. He or she will fill you with tasks up to your eyebrows, without the rewards deserving all that effort.

If you need the money, you can accept, but don't say that nobody warned you... In any case, not everything will be negative, because even if you work for a short time, it is a company that will round out your curriculum.


A period of identity crisis will bring a lot of uncertainty, especially in everything that has to do with your beliefs.

No one can answer your existential questions for you. It depends on you to find the most accurate answer. The truth as always, will be relative to what you have lived.

Get away from a religious group that a known person will suggest, because it will be a sect. These groups, far from seeking the spiritual welfare of people, the only thing they pursue is profit at the expense of the desperate. Be careful!