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Read Your Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Sunday 17th June

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Pathological jealousy will reappear today. It will be irrational, because the other person isn't going to give you solid reasons to distrust.

If they flirt with someone else in front of you and shamelessly, don't take it as a game, but as a total and absolute lack of respect. Open your eyes!

The astral advice is that you start by not worrying about whether they're going to cheat on you or not. Do your best. Love yourself first! And if the other person isn't able to see what you're worth, let them go. They are doing you a favor

You don't have to beg for anyone's attention. If you see that they are elusive, that they don't want to meet anymore... Let the other part take a step forward. And if they never take it, you have the answer. Actions speak for themselves.


To learn a new skill, you don't need to rely on mentors and teachers. Show your independence and strength of character by dedicating at least 10 minutes a day to what you're interested in.

You will see that naturally the body will ask you to increase that time. Especially when it's something you enjoy. You naturally seek happiness.

When we are children we have it so clear... But little by little, with the demands of society, we get lost between what is well seen and our true desires.

Apart from dedicating that time you need, invest some of your money in the people you love most. It's a way to show them clearly and directly that you care.

Money translates into the time you have dedicated to achieve it.


Do you really think you need to spend so much time out of home? You don't stop for a second at home. And then when you come back, you don't feel like home. It's normal, you don't spend any of your time to embellish this environment...

Plan something quiet at home. Read, cultivate your soul. Or if you can't give up people, try to make a dinner for your family and friends.

If you come back from a vacation, don't get swept up by the post-holiday stress syndrome. Thank everything you have lived, instead of focusing on what you left behind. Life will bring you new adventures, later!