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You don't usually agree with the rules established in the family, or with their vision of life. And of course, you have the feeling of being the black sheep.

They not only deny your ideas, they even blame you for everything that doesn't work within the family system.

You must understand that you aren't to blame, you are just different. And also understand that they don't like the fact that you always disagree with them. Because that would mean they are wrong.

Instead of confronting each other, how about collaborating? From the Magic Horoscope, the advice is that you live your life as you like, and that they live theirs. It's that easy! As long as you respect each other.


Let yourself be soaked by the influence of a colleague. This person can offer you a base of operations and good opportunities to give expression to your concepts and unique projects.

It's a good partnership, either if you are partners or associates, and together you can generate great income.

Now, if the relationship exceeds the strictly professional, everything could be twisted. Make your point of view clear from the beginning, or else a misunderstanding may occur.

And if you are an unemployed Scorpio, the stars recommend you to contribute ideas from the interview. They are looking for differentiated profiles of the average. You could be one of them, as soon as you apply, Scorpio.


You feel great about yourself, Scorpio. You are on the right path! At last you're starting to notice the effects of the diet.

But beware, because those with the scorpion sign are prone to the rebound effect; it's very easy to gain that lost weight back at the least carelessness!

The most effective measures for you are: Avoid the consumption of sugar; hydrate well and get enough sleep. Nothing special! But it's tremendously effective, if you follow these guidelines with determination.