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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 12th June

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You two do "couple things" when you are together, but on the other hand each time you bring up the subject about what kind of relationship you have, the other person is slow to show signs of life...

You're probably in the middle of a boomerang relationship. What is this? The other person comes and goes as they want. They're never really by your side when you really need it.

You have to know that there is a person out there willing to bet for you from the minute zero. Don't accept so little of a love that makes you feel more harm than good.

A definitive break-up with this person is better than having to be in a process of permanent grief. Every time they disappear it hurts you very much! And you deserve a peace of mind, Scorpio.


Sometimes you insist on a goal in which you fail again and again. The stars are simply not on your side. Keep this in mind because you won't be able to continue supporting that failure... Take it as a signal to rethink the path.

As for your finances, the situation will require you to take urgent action. There are certain expenses that will destabilize your economy considerably. Find out what they are and end them as soon as possible.

Don't trust that you can recover money by resorting to gambling. This time luck won't be present. It's up to you if you insist, Scorpio.

The advice of the cosmos is to lead an austere lifestyle, because it will be difficult for you to get out of this economic conjuncture... You don't have to impress anyone with a luxury you can't afford.


Today will be a day in which you will continue feeling sorry for the excesses of the previous weekend. Sometimes you don't measure yourself, Scorpio...

It's time to redeem yourself, the week is just beginning. Consider seriously some food objectives that you will have to fulfill for sure. No excuses, you have a commitment to your health.

You will have the opportunity for someone to accompany you in this purpose to lead a healthier life. It would be great because that way you support each other not to succumb. Don't despise sharing your goals, together it will be easy.