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Read Your Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 8th May

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You feel that the person you are dating is hiding information from you. They don't lie to you directly, but they aren't entirely sincere. He or she will tell you that they have just left a relationship or that they are splitting up.

Don't trust them, they're playing the field. They want all the attention for themselves. This person probably has low self-esteem.

Think and act. It's counterproductive to be involved in this type of situation. And if they ever leave your "official" partner, you'd better not get your hopes up.

After all, nobody assures you that that person won't be unfaithful in the future. It's hard, but who is unfaithful doesn't change easily. Keep that in mind.


Where there is fear, there are no achievements, Scorpio. Inside you have all the tools to succeed... And decidedly, today you feel braver than yesterday.

Why should you worry about what has no solution? Little by little, you begin to change your focus of attention. You focus on the things you can do. They are not few!

Your mind is willing to win, your heart, too. Are you? Say yes to life, and if you doubt, always do what moves you.

If they propose a transfer to you at work, do it! What is comfort, after all? Go for the experience and happiness that only a life taken advantage of can give you, Scorpio


Your vitality will be good. Take advantage of the day and do those things that you had to do, you feel willing to move.

Order your objects and personal belongings and keep the cleaning at home. This will attract good energies to your life.

It's not good that you repress your impulses. In the same way, if you want to treat yourself, like eating that dessert that you always avoid, it will be a good idea, as long as you do physical activity.