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There's someone who will be thinking of you, and something else... Someone loves you in secret. Things will turn red hot around you. If you have a partner, this won't be something that stops the advance plans of your mysterious candidate.

You use your magnetism and almost without intending it the little fish get entangled in your nets. What can you do? You didn't ask to be this seductive. Value your partner and make it clear to that person that you aren't available.

In the case of being single, that kind of intensity could end badly. With your passionate mood, too much fire together can cause a fire that is difficult to control...



Ambition, lack of scruples... All those impulses, you keep inside you. You may admit this, or not. The greed to achieve the desired material gains is big.

The problem is that winning at any price goes against the plans of the stars. Harming others is unnecessary and unfair. Think carefully about what your next move will be, Scorpio.

Use all that energy and that push in positive projects. Involve as many people as possible; that others also gain wealth at the expense of your ideas is good for the development of consciousness.


You don't really have any physical problems, but rather psychological ones. Anxiety may be behind those belly pains that no antacid can soothe.

You will have to think about some questions of your life, solve your problems and you will stop somatizing everything that worries you.

If you aren't able to do it on your own, go to a psychologist. They are there for that, to help people clarify their ideas, put them in order giving them the importance or priority they have.