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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 23rd May

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In those relationships that are worthwhile, both people are involved, they try their best to keep it alive and to improve it in every way. It's no use if you're the only one leading the way, Scorpio.

Given your passionate nature, as a good sign of water that you are, you tend to get more involved, but for a long time you have noticed how your partner's attention to your prosperity is rather scarce.

People are sent sneaky signs. This is due to lack of assertiveness and maturity... Maybe they don't invest in the relationship because they don't think it's necessary anymore.

When you tell them things and they tell you that they're not important, they tend to leave you behind, they don't want to argue... Beware, they're unmistakable signs of a dead relationship. The stars recommend you take matters into your own hands.


Nobody in their right mind thinks they are talented. We grow up with so little self-esteem. Oh! But don't let others tell you otherwise: you have an artistic sense that many would like to have.

Answer these questions: Do you enjoy what you do? How many artists are there on the street who are "geniuses"? And they make their living with it, right? Like there are normal architects and others who are internationally recognized.

If you are humble and you aspire to live from your work, you have everything you need to dedicate yourself to that artistic project you so desire. Express what you have inside, that no one else can express, just as you do.

Start today to believe in yourself. When you act moved by love for what you do, you shine, you call the attention of others. Stand out and the cosmos will reward you, Scorpio.


You are invaded by an exaggerated fear of catching any disease, with this planetary transit. Neptune in conjunction with Pluto brings out the most irrational fears.

Be aware that your worries may be excessive, Scorpio. In the event that you haven't done medical check-ups for long, maybe it's time to, so you can relax...

The stars under this configuration infuse the fear about health but it doesn't necessarily mean that there are any major problems.