Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for Thursday April 19th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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You receive that call that you feared so much. Your ex partner will want to hear from you. You politely answer them, of course, although the truth is that you don't want to see that person again.

After all that has happened, after all the "wasted" words, why do they want to take up the relationship again?

They can look for you because, after all, they still love you. Put your feelings in order, nothing is accidental.

The fact that this call has been made will be partly due to the vibrations that you send to the universe. And you, do you still love your ex partner...?

The recommendation of the stars is that you give yourself more time to forget and turn the page. This is just a temptation to delay you in your spiritual progress. Only then will someone 100% made just for you. Someone with things clear.


That tendency of yours to get frustrated when things don't come out as they should, will double today. You lack concentration, affairs in the love field have left you upset, Scorpio.

Although today may not be your most productive day, don't worry. That would lead to free suffering. Accept the negative feeling, to transform it into something better. Joke about your situation.

Talking with other people about how you can improve your economy will be more beneficial to you than you think. Lean on others from time to time, you can't do everything alone.



Your anger is well known among the people around you. When you enter anger mode, you are terrible, Scorpio. There's a part in you that secretly rejoices in this. You like to cause a little bit of fear.

But this is bad news for your body. The brutal activation that it receives during the release of anger, causes your levels of cortisol to trigger, a very exhausting hormone for the body.

This means that you'll have to learn to vent that energy in other ways. Intense physical exercise will free you from those emotions that are difficult to handle. Do it for yourself and for the people around you...