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Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for Tuesday May 29th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Today you feel an internal fire that leads you to try to make others happy. It's a wonderful feeling that you will maintain throughout the day.

Your partner can feel jealousy because you give a lot of attention to other people. This is a childish attitude and the worst part is that the other party knows it! Don't be shy if you feel it, Scorpio.

You have love to share and to give, surely you also remember your partner. Give them love because you want to; give them something special...

It's very likely that with the good vibrations that you'll give off, someone from your past will get in touch with you. It will be a pleasant event, luckily.


With few resources, you make yourself a king's life that many envy. It isn't about being rich, but thinking about abundance.

You invest carefully, when others like to waste money. It's very easy, you know what your priorities are, while the others seem to get out of their way...

You maintain a healthy happiness by acquiring only what you need. You're not dying to follow the fashions of consumption. When many are struggling to make ends meet, you sleep well, Scorpio.

Even without a job, you control your finances. You did well to save when you could. It's a good day for the unemployed Scorpios, you will find a position to your measure, thanks to a contact.


Do you have a varied diet? It matters a lot that you control the empty calories, but you also have to think if you're giving your body all the necessary nutrients.

If you are feeling weak lately, it's probably due to these deficiencies. To make sure you eat everything you need, there is an easy formula: The diet of colors.

Green, purple, blue, red... They are indicative of different types of minerals and vitamins! For this reason, the more varied the colors, the better. Increase the different types of nutrients, Scorpio.