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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for 5th August

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It will be a day where you will sow the seeds of a better future. You will make excellent decisions while being in a relationship.

Check the criterion of your lover, because apart from acting properly, it's characterized by its great capacity for reasoning.

Although sometimes they get overwhelmed because they think about all the details of the future, you two will continue together a lot of the way.

You are very close souls in the spiritual but also cope fantastically in the most prosaic issues, such as domestic economy.

Single Scorpio: Cupid will soon knock on your door, as long as you take the necessary patience to know well that person who shows interest in you. They really intend something serious with you, but time will tell.


Doubts and fears will assail you. You will be presented with two alternatives, both equally appetizing to improve your financial situation. But of course, you will have to choose.

The two options are really great, but you're still scared to miss one of the two opportunities. Whatever you choose, since the money is more or less the same, choose according to your personal values.

You will acquire an important sum of money, if you are a Scorpio that is dedicated to matters related to the sea. Scorpio usually has a connection with it, in one way or another.


Attention, Scorpio women have a high risk of getting pregnant these days! If you are a woman and you don't intend to start a family, it's better to take precautions when having sex.

In the case that you are looking to bring a child to the world, rest assured that you will get it. And it will come in the best conditions. A Taurus boy or girl will bring happiness and pride to your life. It will come very healthy to the world and it will be a birth without complications.

These influences in Scorpio men bring great fertility and desire to make love. This is good for both the heart and the prostate, so go ahead. You can always enjoy a good sex session, alone or in company...!