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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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The authoritarian figures don't sit well with you in love, and yet you insist on getting together again and again with this type of people.

You're a strong person, but when you don't show all that strength, you project it looking for couples that exemplify what you don't dare to take out.

When you embody your skills, you will find more peaceful people, and that will undoubtedly bring more joy to your life. No one who wants to control you, will bring you peace, Scorpio.

The planetary aspects also indicate that some members of your family, especially male, could be against your relationship. Take distance from these people, if they interfere in your private life.

The astral advice is that you dare to make use of your personal strength, without depending on anyone. This will transform you to very deep levels.


It's a day in which bad communication can spoil your day at work. Try to use all your cordiality and show your most peaceful side.

Don't think that people have to accept you as you are in this area... A serious superior can take action on the matter, if you talk too much. Once again, diplomacy is recommended.

Even if everything goes well, in any case it's more than likely that you will be called to the office to ask for explanations about a past conduct. It won't bring greater consequences, but it will be a bit unpleasant for you...

If you're starting a business, you have to have more patience with yourself, Scorpio. You blame yourself for your mistakes. Without these failures there's no learning. And you better do them now that you're starting, it could be disastrous later on.


Be very careful, your health is deteriorating, it seems that you aren't taking the appropriate measures. One of your biggest problems is self-indulgence. Your partner stimulates harmful behavior and you do nothing to avoid it...

They have you very hooked to this dynamic, and it's so unhealthy, Scorpio. Good love is what stimulates you to be a better person and only you are ultimately responsible for your health...