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The heart is capricious and in most cases, it follows its own reasons, escaping all logic.

Despite loving a person a lot, the current astral configuration for Scorpios indicates that a part of him or her remains anchored in an old relationship.

You can assume this fact with humility and pretend to conquer their heart completely, with time and effort, or stand up to the situation, inquiring about their real emotions.

In case you decide to take the second option, everything indicates that it will end in a break-up. In which case, it suits you to spend some time alone.

You also drag loads of previous relationships, Scorpio. Only like that, taking that weight off of you, will you be able to find a person who also loves you without ties...



Alarms will be on in your workplace. A theft of material will put everyone in tension. They try to find a culprit.

You suspect who could it had been, but for the moment it's better to keep quiet. You don't want to gain the resentment of that person, it's to be reckoned with!

In any case, the bad decisions taken by the directive will cause that very soon, there will be dismissals.

Don't bother blaming anyone, when your continuity in that company isn't at all safe. Avoid winning enemies unnecessarily!

You have been stagnant for some time and this, instead of taking it as something negative, is the opportunity you were waiting for to take a small trip.

You can allocate some of the compensation money to it without problems, Scorpio.


The processes of convalescence, especially after a long illness, aren't something to be taken as a joke. If this is your case, don't neglect for a moment the prescriptions that the doctor told you to follow.

If you're overconfident, the complications will appear. Arm yourself with patience and live from calm. Or you will never finish healing completely.