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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for 6th June

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You want harmony in your relationships, but you just do the opposite... However satisfied you are, deep down you think that everything is improvable. What do you intend complicating matters?

You get paranoid about the intentions of others. Good deeds are never altruistic, according to Scorpio. OK, maybe you're right. But at least they are for your benefit, a part from that person wanting to highlight their vanity...

It's the only thing you have to look at. If it does you good, then you just have to question yourself. And in front of those actions that you see doubtful, it's better to ask.

The stars advise you to stay away from unnecessary assumptions and inquiries. They don't do you any good, Scorpio.


You tend to think you work better at night. And it's true, Scorpio is activated a lot through the influence of the moon...

It would be good if you could get some work related to the night, in the case of being unemployed. Very few people are willing to do them and you could earn a lot of money. Many Scorpios perform at night with total ease.

On the other hand, you should limit this activity, because it won't be sustainable over time. It will allow you to have a good economic cushion for the future, something that all Scorpios greatly appreciate.

The human being has a very specific biorhythm. You must respect it. Otherwise, your body could age in leaps and bounds.


The weekend is here and you still have those stress levels. That state of internal agitation won't allow you to enjoy the here and now with intensity. It doesn't matter if you spend a lot of money on fun.

Breathing is very important when it comes to calming internal anxiety states. By becoming aware of the way you practice it, you will achieve a certain level of calm, but it's understandable that this alone is not enough.

In addition, you must add it to a conscious identification of the types of thoughts that go around in your head. Learning to switch off from work is your task. It will be difficult, but not impossible. Come on, Scorpio, you can do it.

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