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The Monday January 22nd Scorpio Stars Prediction

Scorpio: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Everything within your relationship will need to be fixed up because there’s something broken up between you and your partner. If we are able to control our feelings, every breakup is a new beginning even with our partner. Maybe, taking time to carefully think about the relationship would be great. 

Scorpios who have been single for a long time will feel something very strong again for that person they used to share their lives with some years ago. You need to stop your will to take your phone and make a phonemail to this person. Keep on waiting and don’t risk all the good stuff you’ve done so far.



People tend to feel grumpy on Mondays at work and are really busy doing paperwork. You have a meeting with your superior which might be called off because of a force majeure. Maintain your perspective with your routinely tasks as you’ll have positive news soon. 

Take dust out of the calculator and check if you can make ends meet. Numbers say you can. Work on your self-esteem and willpower not to go to more sales and everything will work out as you planned. 



It’s time to say good-bye to circulatory problems and hi to good feelings. You don’t know how to act in front of this uneasy calm, but the best you can do is going jogging and get fit. These are the only things you need to feel comfortable with your body. 

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