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The Tuesday January 23rd Scorpio Stars Prediction

Scorpio: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Although they might seem unfathomable, things happen for some reason. Seeing a breakup as a chance to mature and grow up as a being is not that easy, specially when we talk about something recent. Feelings don't go quickly and it's very common that after being single for some time, we try to get back to a relationship with a former partner.

Today you'll notice that you were happier in the past, and you'll probably contact that person who has part of your life long ago. Don't you think this is a desperate solution? You'd better assume your situation and dare meet new people.


Today, at work, you'll be given extraordinary news and you'll feel delighted. Finally, your efforts will be appreciated and your bosses will offer you a promotion the conditions of which will be much better.

Although today it's a working day, you'll want to celebrate your promotion with all the splendor. A special dinner in that charming restaurant you like so much or sharing a moment with your relatives will seem the best option.


Writing down all the things that have happened to you during the day has negative things such as realizing that behind bad things there's always the same person. Counting on people who always provide you with negative opinions doesn't pay off and it's possible that they are transmitting vibes which are not precisely good.

Unfortunately, it's likely that this person might be a close relative and you can't stand far from them as much as you'd like. For this reason, it's be positive for you to bring a pink quartz, an amethyst or a green malachite with you. They prevent people from negative energies.

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