Scorpio monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Fire and passion

Mars will continue its journey through Scorpio throughout the whole month of December. This will bring fire, passion and a bit of rage into your love life.

This journey through your sign is very important as it won’t happen again for another two years. The presence of the planet of action in your area of the zodiac helps you find a renewed vigour and to face your relationships with greater self-confidence.

Problems could arise if you don’t measure your strength and get too incensed or carried away, this attitude could hurt those who are just starting a romantic relationship with you.

Controlling your impulse will be very important this December.

Sexual attraction at first sight, fuelling desire by just grazing someone’s hand, these things are expected from the current astral aspects in Scorpio, for this reason, you should think before you act if you’re in a relationship, or you might find yourself in a tricky situation of infidelity.

If you’re single, this is the month to enjoy your sexuality to the fullest. You’ll meet someone special who will set you on fire like no one’s ever done before. Prepare yourself to practice tantric sex.

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Money: Fantastic opportunities

This month, you’ll receive the reward for all of your past efforts. You’ll get long-awaited news.

The presence of Jupiter and Venus in your area of communication shows a lot of movement, scholarships, short trips and positive notifications for Scorpio.

If you work in the area of communications, education or public transport the good news are enhanced and bring better positions, achievements and gratifications.

Your ability to wait, strategize and your steely determination will be rewarded. Your professional strength and determination are boosted by Mars in your sign and for this reason, everything blooms with renewed vitality for you.

It’s a brilliant month and you should make the most of it.

Health: High levels of energy

You feel full of vigour and fulfilled during the month of December, especially if you were born in the second or third deanery.

The way you vibrate in life could lead you to a certain excess which you should avoid.

To keep up this level of energy you should exercise regularly and avoid drugs and alcohol.