Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - SCORPIO
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - SCORPIO | Magic Horoscope

Love: You’ll find your inner compass

You’ll want to reveal your feelings to the person you love, the one you’ve secretly been holding a candle for, hiding it as if it were bad.

Love should be expressed, let it come out, it will be wonderful if it’s returned!

But, what if you’re turned down? Well, then the Magic Horoscope guarantees you’ll turn over a new leaf with unbelievable ease. Same thing goes if you break up. The key is to show your feelings without restrains.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll look after your partner, and they’ll like it; your small gestures are magic rituals for your other half, seducing them, and they won’t get tired of it.

Now you know what path you have to follow and why. You’ve found your inner compass, and you’ll trust it.

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Money: Collect those favours you’re owed

This June will be great to collect on those favours that are owed to you; that connection you generated here, that friend’s resume you dropped off there.

This time you’ll need a raft to keep you afloat, so it’s time to get back the help you gave before. Don’t be embarrassed to ask, ok?

Make sure, Scorpio, that your loved ones lack for nothing, that their basic needs are met, and put your wishes and whims aside. It’s time to spend money on improving everybody’s lives, not just your own.

Your abilities are developing and your ideas are creating a positive feeling; you know how to project yourself, and if you don’t currently use social media, you should, as it can open many doors. You’re clever enough to understand what’s going on, you’ll know how to make the right choices and to expand your intellectual horizon, money isn’t everything in life.

Health: New discoveries and experiences will revolutionise your health

New discoveries and experiences add spice to your life, your wellbeing, turn your life upside down, and make you touch the sky with your hands.

You’ll place spirituality above worldly things, and you’ll realise that by being in harmony with yourself your pains and aches are reduced.

Sometimes your body will tell you if there’s something within you that’s not going well, manifesting it as pain on your neck, or back, but if you put things in order in your mind, everything will improve.

Contact with animals would be great, as they can give you lots of energy, and you could develop some sort of spiritual communication with them.