Monthly Horoscope - SCORPIO | Magic Horoscope


Love: You'll feel free again

You are willing to be a better person, and you'll find in your partner a strong incentive to help you with that. 

Children, if there are any in your life, will bring you great learnings. You'll feel that playful and childish part in you that you thought didn't exist anymore. 

You are going to have emotional stability these days. Enjoy the gifts life offers you! Towards the end of the month, you will go through some storms that will make your relationship stronger. 

Difficulties always bring depth, and you love it, Scorpio

If you don't have a partner, you'll find love. It will be someone that is also very awake at a conscious level. Love is something that needs building, and you both know it.

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Money: Break out of the routine

Be very careful with what you wish for. What you're willing for will manifest. 

Regenerate! Get rid of that monotonous life that makes you lose your self-esteem... you usually want to start a new life without finishing what you were living before, and this doesn't favor a real change. 

Don't continue building the same life model. It's a great month to achieve independence. 

Trust yourself more, work feeling part of a group and continue studying and learning. March is formative and very productive. 

Develop faith and hope in your life... Stop thinking that you don't deserve things, because it's not true. Life is a gift; it depends on you that you accept it or not

Health: You influence the younger ones

You need flexibility, calm and peace if you can't achieve your health goals in March. Things don't usually come out right the first time, keep trying, and you'll get to where you want. 

Your example will positively influence the younger ones. They will learn your ability to say no. Limits are sometimes necessary, especially when we talk about health.  

You'll achieve new tools and abilities that will help you keep your mental balance at all times. Don't forget to put them into practice in March, and also the next months!