Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - SCORPIO | Magic Horoscope

Love: Enigmatic sweetness

November is your month, Scorpio. It’s your birthday and this renews your energy and brings all the blessings from the Cosmos.

Scorpios will be blessed by the presence of many planets in your area of the zodiac. Venus in your sign will bring great blessings which you will be able to enjoy during the first week, this is especially true for those born in the first deanery. There will be sweetness and you might receive an engagement proposal and clear manifestations of consolidated love.

Your charisma and ability to bewitch anyone you bump into will be enhanced by Mercury’s presence in your sign which guarantees good communication and intense thoughts which will attract new relationships into your life.

Scorpio’s sex life will be enhanced during the second half of the month and you’ll get a visit from vigorous Mars, and you’ll have an increased sexual desire which will go beyond all expectations.

Money: New opportunities

Take the impulse given to you by the passage of the colossus of good fortune, Jupiter,  through the area of money and worldly possessions of your sign. It won’t come back for another twelve years, Scorpio and this is your chance to renew the way you relate to money and good fortune.

This is a month full of energy benefits for Scorpio, even once the sun’s season in your sign is over, you’ll still have plenty of energy favouring your progress.

You might get very profitable offers, surprising job offers and you’re likely to be on the verge of signing contracts which will bring great improvements in your material life.

The most important thing for Scorpio this month is that you’ll discover your inner power when you decide to be constructive and proactive in your search of the greater good.

This year the lesson that Jupiter will leave in its trajectory through Sagittarius is one of self-confidence and assertive willpower.

Health: Looking after your mind improves your body

This is a month in which Scorpio might feel the energy flow back into their bodies.

Light and personal power will come back into your body thanks to the way you start experiencing what happens in your life. Up to not long ago, it was easy for you to get stuck wallowing in self-pity over past events. You’re letting go of your grudges and this favours your overall health.

Some moments this month might be characterized by bringing a certain nervousness and mental fatigue caused by an excess of activity. Try to do breathing exercises and creative visualization.

Regarding your mental health, it’s a good time to start therapy with a psychologist.