Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - SCORPIO
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - SCORPIO | Magic Horoscope

Love: Magical days

What others think of you this month is irrelevant, strengthen your aura, Scorpio.

You’ll have to endure attacks from unknown enemies. People who wish harm upon you will do everything in their power to create problems for you.

Mars in the area of enmity and all that’s hidden with the axis of the greatest inconveniences during the first twenty days of the month. Towards the end of October, you receive strength from the sun entering your sign, and this will positively impact all matters related to your sentimental and sex life.

Those who are in a relationship or starting a new romance will remain under Neptune’s influx on a good aspect with Venus in your sign, which will make you idealize your partner and live moments of magical romanticism.

You’ll feel you don’t need words but simple, divine and cosmic images to communicate. Poetry and love songs will pluck your heartstrings these days. Enjoy this season, as it won’t always be this way.

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Money: Good connections

Throughout the month of October, Scorpio will enjoy the benefits of having the most agile planets of the horoscope in their area: Venus and Mercury will remain through the entirety of October to help you achieve your goals.

You need to be smart and decide what you want for the coming year. It’s not about asking the gods for things. Venus and Mercury are the key this month.

The communication has to be harmonious and clear to avoid confusions or tricky small prints. Read carefully and ask for advice from an expert if you’re about to sign a contract or deed, or any other legally binding document.

Great ideas will pop into your head, you know how to keep a secret and this time you should. Don’t divulge your projects until they’ve become a reality in the tangible world. While it’s still an idea or a draft, it would be best if no one knew about it. You have enemies that haven’t come forth yet. Envy will be the source of malice against you, keep your eyes peeled!

Those who are currently looking for a new job can make the most of the good opportunities which will arise from the second week of the month onwards. Meanwhile, get ready, Scorpio, afterwards you won’t have much free time.

Health: Disturbing thoughts

You might feel something’s wrong, that you have an illness that hasn’t manifested yet, or that something’s not right in your mind.

Many Scorpio will even believe they’ve been the victims of a curse or a malefice. Consider protecting yourself with rose quartz.

Above all, it’s a great time to go for a check-up. You can consult with a trusted healthcare professional for guidance, and so they can verify that all is well.

If you’re around fifty years old you’ll be experiencing an aspect of the planetoid Quiron which makes you connect with weaknesses and discomforts from your childhood, some chronic ailments or hereditary conditions might come to light. A check-up is always a good idea.

Regarding the psychological discomfort, it’s a good astral moment to start going to therapy.