Scorpio Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 2nd April by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Monday
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Let the dead bury the dead! You already want to meet someone special. You've been single for a while; more than you would like to admit.

You feel incomplete of being alone, Scorpio. When will it be your turn? Will you meet someone today...?

Keep calm! The stars already have the answer: you have chances of meeting someone. If not today, on these dates. Of course, they want you to show yourself!

Don't doubt about your sexuality for a moment, it's what gives off your essence in a natural way, but you will have to reconnect with your center. It will be easy, like riding a bicycle!

It will be someone more introverted than you, maybe a Virgo or a Capricorn. So it will be your turn to seduce. This date will take place in public places with many people.

Don't worry, you will still meet, by virtue of animal magnetism...

In the case that you are in a relationship, be careful with a third party, they could spoil the relationship. They will come determined to create problems.


If you have a job, be careful because the week starts cloudy. Your teammates won't feel good this Monday and they will be quite unpleasant with you.

Show them how things are done by showing your best smile. Don't accept their taunts or undercover offenses. Turn a deaf ear but you will face anyone who crosses the line.

Stands out doing a perfect work and you will have a pay raise. The popular saying says that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Given the work environment in which you develop, you won't find it difficult to promote yourself...

If you are unemployed, you will find a job as long as you show kindness.


Looking after your health is not your thing. At the minimum chance, you're giving up your diet, your sleeping hours or your physical condition. You have no remedy!

The inner greatness that Scorpios feel makes them believe that they are above good and evil...

If you don't take care of your body, time will put you in your place when you begin to notice the weight of age. Advice when most needed is least heeded...

The first measure will be to have better health habits, and above all, to maintain them.