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In spite of the unbalancing influence of several Magic Horoscope planets, you should still be able to find solutions to improve your relationship.

The stars want you to know that all it takes is for you to pay more attention to other people’s complaints and to take them seriously instead of thinking they’re just tantrums.

Venus, the planet of love, will lend a hand to the single Taurus, even to those who have become serial bachelors, allowing them, over the next few days, to build rapports which may last if the stars align.

Don’t be discouraged by the obstacles in your way; you will be able to overcome them without even breaking a sweat. You just need to show your feelings in a different way and they’ll be embraced.

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A planetary triad will advise you to start saving up your money, as if your life depended on it.

If you have a tendency to lead parallel lives and work too much, do not forget to rest, relax and, if possible, get some fresh air.

Otherwise you’ll end up overexerting yourself and this will negatively impact your performance and your ability to accrue benefits.

Conferences and workshops, exhibitions and new meetings in general will not only help you make interesting discoveries, but also excellent connections.

This astral atmosphere coloured by Uranus will allow you to stabilize thing, if you’re one of those who has to constantly do miracles to get to the end of the month, this will improve your financial situation.


The Magic Horoscope points to an acceptable level of health over the next seven days, the first days of April.

This doesn’t mean, however, that everything is done and you can just sit back, enjoying the sunshine and thinking that everything is going swimmingly.

Let go a little, and, if need be, ask for physical and mental help. Look for an activity which promotes your wellbeing and is also fun.

You could make time to go on a spa break somewhere nice, quiet, surrounded by nature.

Your body does not favour extreme treatments, but rather sustainable and gradual improvements; don’t overexert your organism.