Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 July

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Scorpio will benefit greatly from this new era, the beginning of the second semester of the year (hasn’t time flow these first six months? It seems only yesterday that you were welcoming 2019!).

And from all the different areas, the Magic Horoscope foretells you’ll do especially well in love, although you’ll have to juggle things a little. Namely, your schedule, so that work or family commitments don’t get in the way of sharing your daily life with your partner.

If you’re single, there’ll be a new love story budding in your heart, but with someone you already know, and with whom you’ve already shared your bed.

Perhaps it’s someone you had a spark with, but nothing came of it, or even an ex.

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Even though the stars are now talking about money, there’s a strong link between this and feelings. You might be too obsequious with your partner’s wishes, one one hand; on the other, don’t mix business and pleasure.

This refers to budding romances with work colleagues, as well as starting your own company with your partner. It’s better to keep these things separate.

Your personal growth and curiosity are favoured, ask many questions, and offer your point of view whenever you can, it’ll help you get answers you thought you’d never get.

As the days go by you’ll be more agile, and more active, and your actions will be valued by influential people.


The star’s first message: be an active Scorpio, who can do a bit of a workout anywhere! At work, during a walk through the woods, while doing your weekly shopping, everything counts!

Do exercises that contract and expand your tummy, squats to make your legs firmer, and if you need some inspiration, look online, you’ll find plenty of options which are suitable for your physical state.

Good physical development will go hand in hand with spiritual growth, you’ll become aware of your body and you’ll know what’s good for you and what to avoid.

Precautions? Yes, with heavy objects, especially if you need to carry them. Be extremely careful!