This week’s astral atmosphere for Scorpio will be most loving and tender. You’ll feel the flow of love in your hearts in a very different way from your usual one. Your feelings will be trusty and stable and will stimulate your desire to spend time in the silence of your home, or in good company but without being overwhelmed by too many people or loud noises.

This week you’ll learn something very important, Scorpio, you’ll see the effect your energy hard on the mood of others and on the time those around you spend with you.

If you vibrate at a low and hostile frequency you get the worst from those around you, however, if you vibrate at a vibrant and cheerful frequency, you attract the best from your surroundings.

If you’re single, you can expect crazy love declarations to come your way.

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This isn’t a great week for money matters; however, it will be good in terms of professional realization.

Scorpios who work in the area of beauty or in areas linked to feminine services have great growth and recognition opportunities this week.

The best thing for you, Scorpio, is to let your imagination run wild, grow and release your creative ideas. Many ideas and novel professional methods can reach you if you let go of prejudice and conditioning.

Some of this week's lucky numbers for Scorpio are 77, 32 and 46, amongst others. Keep reading the daily horoscope to discover the great advice these numbers hold for you.


This week you might get carried away by an obsession which will make you prone to actions which are detrimental to your health. If you don’t like the image you see in the mirror, you’ll have to be very careful when choosing weight-loss diets or regimes. You’ll be greatly affected emotionally by aesthetic matters when, actually, you should take better care of your inner world if you want to feel good about yourself.

Take care of your emotions, analyse your feelings and channel them in some artistic or therapeutic way. You’ll feel great.