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The week starts with a reserved mood. A specific event will make you feel ashamed. You've always preferred going unnoticed, but today you will be totally exposed!

Accept that you're not always that intense and ardent person that people say you are... You'll be happy exploring new facets. If you are in a relationship or you are dating someone, you'll enjoy spending some time together, without major pretensions.

However, don't make everyone think they are dispensable. Even though this week you won't be a loving and caring person, try to express appreciation in the form of gratitude, if that's how you feel. 

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Fear and worry are real; you have a steep passage in the field of work. So what? Your actions will lead you to better moments. Don't be afraid of walking, Scorpio!

This means that even though the circumstances aren't the best ones, you can always rely on the help of your intelligence and those natural talents you have always had. Do you remember when on the basis of constancy, you transformed a weakness into your strength?

Thursday will be your golden day. You are going to receive pleasant surprises, and you'll have a great big smile on your face all day!


You evolve favorably towards recovery, although the Magic Horoscope warns you that during this week your will power is going to be tested. There are specific cravings which you cannot resist, but which are highly detrimental for you right now...

Luckily, you'll be able to do your bit on the psychological plane. Avoid lousy mood and find that vital impulse that makes you want to move forward. You'll see how you will soon recover all your health. 

Take it easy on Saturday, for a change, and do all those little actions that make you feel great.