Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Musings and speculation might make you lose focus on what love really is for you,Scorpio. Of course there’s a thousand possibilities when it comes to relationships, and there isn’t one single option, however, every time you go down this path with your thoughts, you waste a lot of energy and you undermine your love and your way of expressing your feelings. This way you cause arguments and nasty situations where you’ll have to defend yourself.

As the days go by you’ll see the best shelter is in your partner’s arms, and that achieving emotional intimacy enhances your sexual life. You’ll learn that sensuality doesn’t always revolve around mystery and that there’s a lot of sensuality to be found in the tenderness and complicity you’re now exploring.

If you’re single, you’ll be very distracted and you won’t notice that love is a lot closer than you think. In your inner circle someone might be waiting for you to notice and appreciate them. Open your eyes and your heart, Scorpio.

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This week there’ll be a lot of movement in your area of material goods and financial stability.

Jupiter will continue with its beneficial trend for a few more weeks and you’ll have to make the most of it. This planet has improved many of your material prospects and has attracted an increase in your net worth and material possessions. It has also led to a development in the way you view money, and this favours and increases your professional skills.

You might receive news about legacies or inheritances which you had been waiting for a while and which have taken a while to be sorted out.

The stars show a tendency to look for new areas of creative expression in business and in your professional life.

If you’re a student, Scorpio, you have to double-check your answers in tests and presentations, as you’ll be prone to forgetting things and getting confused.


Your health will be great, you’ll feel great and full of vitality and a desire to carry out your plans with optimism.

The stars show a tendency to suffer from headaches, and neck and throat discomfort. These areas of your body are weakened. For this reason, you need to be especially careful with stiff necks, tension, sudden changes in temperature and sleep deprivation.