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There’ll be some very nosey people around you, who’ll want to tell you what you must and mustn’t allow in your relationship, and dictate the rules love should abide by.

Fortunately, you and your other half are on the same page, you know how to make your relationship work perfectly, and what fidelity is for you.

If need be, gather the strength to fight against those strict rules people are trying to impose on you, the important thing is for you to live your life however you please, and other people’s opinion is irrelevant.

If you’re single you’ll have a fleeting romance, possibly with an old flame, which is briefly rekindled.

Clean up your friendship closet and throw out anyone who’s toxic or venomous; otherwise, you’ll have a major argument in the future. It’s best to nip it in the bud and avoid unpleasantness, while you still can.

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This mid-May, Scorpio, will be good to review who owes you money; it’s only fair for those zeros that belong to you, and which you lent in good faith, to return to your bank account.

It could be money, but it could also be valuable items (a mobile phone or a laptop that you lent for a project) plus, make sure that the items come back in the same condition they were in when you lent them.

Mind your head, it’ll be in the clouds, even while you’re at work. And being distracted and scatterbrained can get you a slap on the wrist from your bosses.


You’ll start this week determined to improve your diet, and you’re already pledging to have more veggies on your plate every day.

It’s even possible that you’ll try some vegan dishes, without being vegetarian or vegan, and you’ll enjoy them.

Are you thinking about trying a new kind of sport? Go for it! Swimming is a very complete exercise, so don’t hesitate to do a few laps at the swimming pool.

Also, it’s the right time to get in shape before the summer.