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Your patience is going to be tested this week and especially your level of civilization. You'll have some kind of contact with your partner's ex. Don't go crazy! You're adults, and there's nothing between the two of them. 

Going through these type of unpleasant situations and realizing that the love between both of you is still strong, will bring a week full of romanticism. Kisses, hugs, and caresses that will touch you further than the skin. Straight to your heart, Scorpio.

Are you single? Your situation could change soon. If you're in front of that person who stimulates you so much and who attracts you beyond all doubt, don't hold back and actively show your love! Let them know how much you would like them to stay by your side.

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Although your Monday is presented busy, try being friendly with your colleagues. Bad answers can make you the object of criticism and insults in the future.

On Tuesday, your job situation will be stabilized. You're going to decide that day is the best day to start working on your dreams. 

Towards the end of the week, you'll receive good news: you might get the money back you were waiting for and also that your transactions and investments are very successful.

In general lines, it's an important week because it's when you'll decide new directions and projects. 


Monday begins with a determination: to let go of negative emotions. Somehow you've realized that harboring those bad feelings drains your own energy and keeps you with a rather low level of vibration.

As the days go by, you'll have to pay attention to the persistent pain in your stomach. Go to the doctor because it could be some kind of complication, especially if you're post-op. 

For the rest, your biggest battle right now is still the control of what you eat. From Magic Horoscope we encourage you to continue with the diet, which will soon cease to be an obligation and become the pleasure of eating healthy, Scorpio.