Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


We’re on the last week before the beginning of your sign’s annual cycle.

The week will start with intrigues, Mercury and Venus’s presence in your sign gives an intense movement to communication as well as matters related to love and desire.

You could be living a story intermixed with gossip and airs of betrayal. Many of your fears might manifest in the material world if you keep looking for problems where there’s none. You already have enough on your plate to go around imagining scenes and making them come true.

You’ll experience moments of very intense intimacy. Love and passion will be very important over the next few days.

The Magic Horoscope advises you to leave jealousy and conspiracy theories to the side and start living your life with joy.


It’s a good week to clear the air on matters which disturbed you in the past and which you thought you had gotten over. These matters will resurface to be resolved and you’ll have to face them with strength of character and patience.

You shouldn’t try to speculate as you might end up losing however much you put at stake on your financial transactions.

It’s also not a good week to request loans or to give them. It's time to get moving and showcase your skills and talents. Communication will be positively influenced by the stars. Take this week as an opportunity to make yourself known, to get your resume to the companies you’d like to work for, or to potential clients you’d like to conduct business with.

Towards the end of the week, Uranus, from your opposite sign, Taurus, will make trouble for you, forcing you to cover an unexpected expense.

This week’s lucky numbers are 47, 23 and 44.


Your health is excellent but not bulletproof. For this reason, this season your vital energy might be thwarted by the influence of the end of your solar cycle.

The best thing for you will be to rest, make this commitment towards your mind and body. Try to catch an early night and sleep the eight hours recommended for your body to recover from the strain of your daily life.

It’s likely that these days you’ll feel sad or nervous and you might even need help from a therapist to work through your feelings, Scorpio.